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10 Jan 2020 11:04:51

Bedroom Design and Furniture Ideas


The bedroom is that place in the house we all feel most comfortable. After a long day, the only thing many people look forward to and dream about is taking your shoes off and lying down on the bed. It’s a personal place where we finish the day and start a new one.

According to the Huffington Post, the average human throughout their lifetime spends around 33 years in bed. That’s over 12,000 days! Given that we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it is not a bad idea to freshen up the look of your bedroom, if you haven’t done so in a while.



Giving your bedroom a makeover doesn’t necessarily mean re-doing the whole bedroom. You can freshen up the look of your bedroom by making small changes that can make big differences. When it comes to bedroom makeovers, the possibilities are endless.

At CIMC Home, we have a vast range of bedroom furniture featuring various styles and designs, to let you get creative and help you find inspiration on what you want your revamped bedroom to look like.

The blog will take a look at the various aspects of the bedroom that you could look at changing to give your bedroom the look it deserves.



When thinking of bedroom makeover ideas, one of the first things to think about are the bedroom walls. After painting the wall your favourite colour or applying your selected wallpaper, it’s time to address the empty wall spaces. Or even if you are happy with your current wall paint or wallpaper, adding some wall décor can really alter the feel of the bedroom.

With our huge range of wall art and mirrors, you can expect to find a variety of contemporary and elegant wall décor to incorporate in your new-look bedroom. What’s great about shopping with CIMC Home is that, you can easily find matching bedroom furniture to stay with a specific theme, if that’s what you are going for.




Mirrored bedroom furniture provides a timeless look for the bedroom.

Our Diamond Geometric Mirror Wall art is truly a statement-making piece. This classy and sophisticated wall art is a conversation starter and a perfect addition to the bedroom. We also stock a range of other Geometric style wall pieces for you to choose from.

Be sure to also view our a wide range of wall mirrors to go with your wall art. Our Value Art Deco Wall Mirror is a unique and contemporary mirror. This beautiful mirror features an abstract arrangement of 4 cut mirrors to form one large wall mirror.




Amongst the modern and popular bedroom trends, is going for a plain white look for the bedroom walls with an eye-catching mix of wall art and décor. This look provided a simplistic feel whilst focusing all interest on your chosen wall art. This look allows the wall art to grab attention and showcase all its intricate details and features.

This method is a simple and easy way to change the feel and look of the bedroom. In order to achieve this look, you will need some wall art and décor that worth directing all the attention to. At CIMC home, we have the ideal collection for just that.

Included in that collection is our Gold Angel Left or Right Wing Wall Decoration. This stunning piece is sure to stand out in the bedroom and add some class and colour to the walls. Complete in an astonishing Gold colour, with a high level of detail, this is a flawless addition to the bedroom. We also have wing wall décor in silver, white and in varying styles.

Our range of wall art in tempered glass, are also bound to catch the eye. One good fit would be our Black & White Spiral Staircase Tempered Glass Art Print.




Rugs are no longer reserved for just the living rooms. A bold and modern rug in the bedroom is bound to steal the spotlight every single time. Our range of high-quality rugs are as stylish as they are comfortable. For the more distinctive option for your bedroom rug, view our Four Pelt Faux Fur rug, or our Double White Pelt Faux Fur rug.




Perhaps the most important element of the bedroom, selecting your bed is a crucial decision to make. If you are sticking with the mirror theme mentioned earlier, our range of bed frames features the ideal of beds for you.

This includes the Milano Mirror King-Size bed frame. Sleep in luxury with the Milano king-size bed, this is constructed in solid wood with clear mirror panels throughout with inlaid crystal edging and a soft silver velvet buttoned headboard.

Our Silver Apollo Mirror King-Size bed frame also fits in well for the mirrored theme bedroom. This features mirrored panels with the distinctive silver trimmed pillar design and black velvet deeply padded buttoned headboard for added comfort.


If you’re not going for the mirrored theme, we have a range of other bed frames that you can choose from. We have a selection of stylish and chic bed frames that ooze comfort and luxury.                



A bedroom makeover can also just be adding a few new bedroom furniture pieces. Our range of bedroom furniture features all the other bedroom necessities such as dressing tables, stools, cabinets, wardrobes and more. These pieces of furniture are key in shaping your bedroom and giving the look you are seeking. Why settle for just ordinary bedroom furniture?

CIMC Home offers an exciting range of bedroom essentials in various styles and designs to fit in with most themes. Our inspirational range of dressing tables is as practical as they are glamorous. While our range of bedside cabinets and chests will allow you to add a touch of personality and drama to the bedroom, to spice things up.




Whatever the look you are going for, it is worth thinking in the mind of an interior designer and taking your time to visualize what you want. Try to incorporate your own style and translate your personality to the bedroom.

Hopefully, some of the items mentioned above have given you a few ideas on how to create a refreshed look for your bedroom with CIMC Home. To get shopping, simply contact us today to find your local stockist.


If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog or about anything else, be sure to get in touch and we will be happy to help.


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