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Smell and scent is a powerful sense. A specific smell can bring back a flood of memories, and a pleasant smell can really make a place inviting. For this reason, as a business owner it is important to ensure that your shop, store or place of business not only looks pleasing, but is also smells pleasing.

Pot Pourri can do both. Fill a decorative bowl with Pot Pourri and not only will it add a level of decoration to a room, but will also add a pleasant scent to it, making it a more inviting place. Here at CIMC, we have an excellent range of wholesale Pot Pourri. All of our Pot Pourri comes in various sized boxes in different colours and scents for you to match the appearance and scent with the room. 

For a storeowner, Pot Pourri not only makes for an excellent impulse purchase by placing it near the pay points to increase the average purchase value made in your store, but by displaying the Pot Pourri in furniture displays or other product displays, you could increase the likelihood shoppers want to stay in your store, and also associate your store with a pleasant experience thanks to the smell. The same goes for a department store. 

For hotel owners, putting Pot Pouri at your reception or in your guest’s rooms will increase the quality of their stay, associating your hotel with a pleasant scent. As for offices, the office reception would also be a good place to feature pot purri, or in the workspaces too.

We have a very large range of scented products, including scented candles and reed diffusers. Please feel free to browse our selection of trade only wholesale lighting and find the perfect lighting for your needs. Please register for an account here, or alternatively, book a show-room visit today

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