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Candle Holders by Range

Candles make for a great accessory to any room, as not only does the candle itself look pleasant, but the flame and the light it emits can also add to the atmosphere and aesthetic. To make the most out of candles, what decorators really need are stylish candleholders, which make for great decorative accessories, as well as practical items.

How any shop owner who sells candles, whether you own a furniture store, home ware store, garden centre, department store, pharmacy etc, by placing candle holders near your range of candles, you are likely to encourage impulse purchases, with shoppers purchasing candle holders to go with the candles that you sell.

They also make for excellent accessories to place near pay-points, as this too can encourage impulse purchases, with shoppers purchasing candle holders for candles that they already own, or even just for decorative accessories for their homes.

For businesses such as hotels, spas, beauty salons and any others that can make use of candles, purchasing candleholders to match the décor of your business can go a long way to adding more accessories to the decoration in your building.

Here at CIMCHome, we have an excellent selection of wholesale candleholders that would suit a whole variety of stores and businesses, and we aim to stock the broadest variety to ensure that you are able to find something that you are looking for. Our range includes mirrored candleholders, birdcage candleholders, mosaic candleholders, candleholders plates, hurricane lamp candleholders, lantern candleholders, candleholders for tea lights to larger candles, ceramic candleholders and many more, in all manner of shapes, colours and sizes.

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