How to decorate for the perfect Easter lunch


11 Apr 2019 11:41:01

At CIMC home we love putting our creative hats on and bringing you, our wonderful customers, fabulous decorating ideas and products in our handy Easter guide. Continue reading to check out how to create an awesome table display for the perfect Easter lunch.  



Plush bunnies and chicks look adorable along with personalised bonnets for a children’s table setting of course. But what about for us grown-ups? Whether it’s a formal family affair or a laid back afternoon buffet we’ll go through some stunning décor ideas. 


Let’s start with the obvious visuals. Spring = flowers. Now if you’re the type of person who plans ahead, sets everything out about a week before the actual event then fresh flowers won’t really work for you. Wilting and brown flowers don’t really say spring fresh – BUT… faux flowers do. The beauty of these, especially our real touch flowers (which we’ve included in our Easter guide) is that they require zero maintenance, the stems are fully pliable so they need not be restricted to a vase but can be placed anywhere such as tabletops like we’ve done so on our Easter table.




Now that floral accents are sorted let’s make this all a bit more Eastery. Think small home accents and textiles dotted around to create an elegant and chic finish. Our endearing woodland bird and rabbit ornaments are the perfect way to incorporate an Easter theme to your décor. Or how about our photographic rabbit cushions which will really set the Easter scene. What’s great about these are they’ll never go out of style so once Easter is over you can pop them away and bring them out for years to come!


With Easter being one of the more creative holidays. Hand-made table décor and centrepieces speak a thousand words, especially when done right. Now when we say hand-made we mean chic assembled ornaments rather than coloured polystyrene eggs and paper baskets. For our Easter table display (which is set up on the beautiful art-deco inspired Bayview dining table) we’ve decided to go for a layered showstopper. Not only does this look grand but is neatly set in one of our large nickel hammered decorative dishes. So if it needs moving for more space it can be done so quickly and easily. Next, we’ve added decorative pearl balls for that Easter egg effect which is cushioned with real hay for that authentic look. Layering up we’ve used 3 different sized diamante glitz candle holders and topped them with our woodland birds with some more hay.



When it comes to decorating for a theme, everyday items such as decorative dishes and candleholders come in great use when setting up creatively. Check out all our other items in our decorating guide for more ideas. Mosaic eggs and animal ornaments serve as beautiful gift ideas and coloured glass dishes and platters are wonderful for serving sweet treats including chocolate (well it is Easter after all).


So now that you’ve found a one-stop-shop that’ll provide all your Easter décor for you, you can stop hopping from store to store in search of inspiration. We hope you have very Happy Easter and wish you all a restful break over the Easter weekend!




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