Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for visiting our FAQ page. Customer service is very important to us but during this time we have a skeleton staff team and are unable to respond as promptly as we would like. Therefore, please check if your query can be answered below before contacting us by email at


If you cannot find an answer, you may also contact us through the live chat function on our website


Product/ Order Queries

1. Is this item in stock? 

  • All of our items available to be purchased are on the website, with their stock figure or the date the next container will arrive listed. If you cannot find an item on the website, or you see it in a search but then are faced with an error, the item is discontinued and not available for purchase.

2. What is the price of this item?

  • All prices for items that are in stock or on pre-order are available online. If the item cannot be found on the website, it is discontinued or out of stock. If the item you’re looking for is no longer available, please visit to find alternative items. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about alternative items that may suit you, please contact your area's Sales Manager [details below].

3. Can you please place these items on order for me?

  • Unfortunately, we are on a skeleton staff and are unable to place any orders that have been emailed or called in. Please place your order on the website If you cannot remember your password, please use ‘forgot my password’ to get access. You can pay online by card, and the system will more quickly process your order for delivery as soon as possible.

4. Can you add items to my order?

  • We are unable to add items to your order however, you can place a new order on the website, and we will waive the carriage fee and send your two orders together.

5. Can you add this item to my backorder?

  • We are unable to add items to your order however, you can place a new order on the website and combine your backorders


Website Queries

I cannot log in on the website, can you reset my password?

  • Please use ‘forgot my password’ on the website to reset your password. You will need the email address that you use to access the site. You will receive an email to reset your password. Please note this may take a few minutes to come through if you haven’t received it please check your junk box before contacting us.


 Delivery and Invoice Queries

1. If I place an order when will it be delivered?

  • Due to the current circumstances our delivery currently takes 7-10 working days. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

2. When will I receive the delivery of the order I just placed?

  • Your order will arrive on your booked-in date anytime from 9 am – 5:30 pm. A few days before your order is delivered, you will receive an invoice. This invoice will state the carrier name and number. If your order does not arrive on your agreed-upon booked-in date, please get in touch with the listed carrier for more information. Use your postcode and name as a reference.

3. I am expecting delivery today, is this on time?

  • Your delivery could come anytime between 9 am and 5:30 pm. Due to compliance with government safety guidelines that are currently in place, the carrier may be delayed with deliveries; please contact them to confirm there is no delay. You can find the carrier name and number on your invoice; they will accept your name and postcode as reference.

4. I was expecting delivery today but didn’t arrive?

  • We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Due to the current restrictions in place, the carrier may be delayed with deliveries. Please get in touch with the carrier for more information. You can find the carrier name and number on your invoice; they will accept your name and postcode as reference.

5. Can you send me a tracking number for this order?

  • All the details of your order can be found on your invoice. The carrier will accept the name and postcode listed on your invoice as a reference. If you do not receive the invoices for your orders because it goes to another department within your organisation, please let us know so we can add your email address to the list, to receive future invoices.

6. Can you send me a copy of my invoice?

  • An invoice is only generated and sent out by our system if your order has been picked and dispatched. For orders that have not yet been delivered, your invoice will be raised up to 2 days before your delivery is due, however, as soon as your invoice is available, you will receive a copy to your registered email address.
  • If you are looking for an invoice for an order you have already received, please contact for any invoices or statements.
  • Note: your invoices are sent automatically by our system so please check your junk mail if you are regularly not receiving these.


 Cancellation and Return Queries

1. Could you please cancel this order?

  • We are sorry that you need to cancel your order, but one of our team will do this for you as soon as possible and give you a confirmation of cancellation.

2. I have a faulty item; how do I request a return?


Other Queries


Sales Representative Details

If you would like to contact your sales representative please find their details below.

  • Showroom/ Sales Office - 0150 174 0496
  • Mike Thompson (Scotland and North England - 0772 175 3526
  • Lorna Oglesbee (Yorkshire and Surrounds) - 0779 354 1193
  • Mark Mckeen (E-Commerce Development Manager) - 0752 570 0430
  • Donna Newman (London and SE England) - 0792 563 9196
  • Rosemarie Divito (Northern Ireland and ROI) - 0777 342 8974
  • Jaana Nukki (Key Accounts) - 0150 174 0496
  • International - 0150 174 0496


For any further queries, you can contact us at or alternatively call us on 0150 174 0496



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