27 May 2015 12:30:08

Our latest deal of the week features our fantastic figurines being featured at up to 30% off.

Our figurines are part of our extensive wholesale giftware collection, and are available in over 80 different designs and three different styles or themes; summer of dance, love-story and our classic bronze figurines.

The discounted figurines can be found in our summer of dance and love story categories, both of which are small figurines of people in a variety of different colours and poses, as well as some figurines of animals too. 

Adding these figurines to your stock to match your other products can help increase the average purchases made by your customers, with giftware being a common impulse purchase by consumers. 

Adding them to your rooms, in a hotel for example, adds an extra level of detail, interest and decoration to the room. The figurine‚Äôs elegance also means that they can be included in rooms such as reception areas or office areas that are in need of more decoration. 

Our range of giftware also includes a variety of collections, flowers and more home accessories, so if you are looking for alternative giftware to our figurines, there is plenty more to choose from. 

Please feel free to browse our website www.cimchome.com to see our full range of home ware, and register an account today. 



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