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Furniture by Type

Explore CIMC’S extensive range of furniture by type, and discover all of the fresh new pieces your store needs to cater for a wide variety of interior trends. Here you’ll find essential furniture items including wardrobes, seating, drawers and coffee tables available in an impressive variety of colours and designs.

On average, people will decorate their homes 36 times in their lifetime. If you’re an interior designer or a furniture store, you can take advantage of this by constantly updating your selection of furniture pieces with the help of CIMC to keep up with new consumer demands.

Furniture has been an integral part of our homes for centuries, and whilst trends and inspiration can change over time, a lot of furniture types which were used centuries ago, are still popular today. For example, did you know that the coffee table has been an essential home furniture piece since the Victorian era, originating in Europe? This inspiration is believed to have come from Turkey, where low tables were used in lavish tea gardens. Nowadays, coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes, designs and colours to perfectly match with living room interiors.

Redecorating can mean replacing multiple furniture pieces in the home, so ensure your store has everything it needs by stocking up on all the wholesale furniture lines you like. Below, you’ll easily be able to find all the furniture you need, including matching collections and stand-alone pieces.

The CIMC team takes pride in continually updating our range of wholesale furniture. Maximise your profits with stunning new pieces for low trade prices by registering for a trade account with us today. To see our luxury furniture collections in person, you can also book an appointment to visit our showroom.