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Home Decor

Once a room has been decorated and furnished, it is time to add the finishing touches. To further decorate a room, accessories are required to create the desired look.

Here at CIMC Home, we have a great selection of home accessories that are both functional and decorative and make great additions to any furniture store or department store’s product range, while also making good additions to the decoration in hotels and other hosting buildings.

If you own a furniture store or department, wholesale home accessories make great products to drive your average order value up, adding value to your store. Shoppers, especially new homeowners, will likely want to decorate their house at the same time as furnishing it, s offering them the widest selection of home accessories to match the furniture they are purchasing is important for any store. By offering the greatest variety, you are more likely to sell accessories.

For a hotel owner, decoration is important in order to create the right look and feel for your hotel. Home accessories go a long way towards decorating your hotel to meet the standards you are aspiring to.

CIMC Home’s range of home accessories includes bathroom sets, clocks in a variety of styles, decorative balls, decorative dishes, coaster sets, decorative plates and bowls, storage boxes, door knobs and a variety of other decorative pieces.

For other accessories, visit our giftware category where you can purchase from our collections, floral vases and figurines.

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We’d love to welcome you to our fantastic on-site showroom, where you can browse our entire collection and place orders directly with our sales team.  Please call us on 0116 287 5288 to book an appointment.

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