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29 Nov 2018 12:08:00


The living room is often the centre of the home for many families, providing a space to relax in and be sociable. But sometimes, you can find yourself sitting in your living room and feel like a change might be a good idea.


If over time the living room starts to look drab and ‘lived in’, then buying new furniture and adding accessories can give the room a fresh feel and give it a new lease of life.


As a specialist furniture wholesaler, CIMC is in a great position to advise on what products can help transform a living room and help your customers realise their vision.


So we’ve put together this guide on what might work for your store. Take a look.


Different styles, different products


It’s safe to say CIMC’s living room furniture range is pretty broad. This is in order to allow those businesses who buy from us to cater for every taste and style they can.


It’s all about finding the range of products that work for your client demographic. When it comes to the major items in a living room, such as sofas and chairs, ask yourself what kind of shopper you’re looking to cater for.


Have you seen sleek and minimalist styles prove popular of late? Then CIMC can help you expand the range of these products you have in your store.


Equally, if warm colours and homely styles are being bought frequently, there are products that meet this description.


Shoppers want to be able to create a continuous feeling and vibe in their living room. So be sure to offer strong lighting options that can pair up with your sofa and chair offerings. For example, stylish floor lamps can change the feel of a living room, while table lamps are always a strong area of consideration, so having a broad range of strong options is advisable.


Speaking of tables, CIMC’s range of table options for the living room is something we’re very proud of. With console tables, coffee tables, and end and side tables aplenty, there’s no reason not to provide your shoppers with stylish products they will simply love.



Add great accessories to your store


Though these aforementioned items form the bulk requirements when it comes to kitting out a living room, often it’s the smaller touches that give a living room its true feel.


To help your customers give a more personal vibe to their living rooms, we have a wide assortment of photo frames that you can buy in bulk, while our ranges of candle holders, wall art and mirrors can allow your customers to find the right style and vibe for them.


Additionally, we have a wide variety of floral items that can evoke a sense of comfort and warmth, while ornate candle holders not only look great but can also help buyers create a warm, cosy atmosphere in their home with ease.


And if this isn’t enough, be sure to scour our range of home décor. Here’s where all those bits and bobs that make a living room distinctly theirs can be bought by your customers.


You can get everything from bookends and jewellery boxes to decorative balls and stones to ornaments and apothecary jars.


Look to give your customers plenty of options to pick from and meet all their living room requirements. The more flexibility and variety they have, the more likely they’ll be to spend big with you.


To take advantage of our range of wholesale furniture, you can register for an account with CIMC today. And if you have any questions about our products, you can contact us today.




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