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Lighting By Type

Rooms are defined by the lighting. The effect the brightness and colour of lighting has on the ambience should always be considered when choosing the lighting, making sure that the illumination is not too bright and not too dim.

Lighting will often depend on the colour and opacity of the lampshade chosen for a light fitting, as this determines of the colour of the light emitted, and the brightness.

While many people like to change the look and feel of a room to keep it refreshing, redecorating completely can be an expensive option. A quick change of lampshades will change the lighting of the room, and ultimately the mood and ambience, giving a fresh appearance and atmosphere without the cost of a completely redecorating.

In this category you can find a variety of different colours and styles of lampshades for you to either sell in your retail store, or use to decorate the existing lighting in your business, such as a hotel or office building.

With our variety of lampshades, you can also customise the range of lighting we already sell, or to put the finishing touches on other lighting that you stock or use as decoration in your building. 

Our lampshades come in both hard and soft shade varieties. Soft shades are often more decorative, with added textures, materials and patterns to add deeper levels of colour to the lighting fixture. Our selection of hard shades tend to come in one shade of colour, and give a more contemporary feel to lamps. 

 We stock the following colours:

-      Champagne And Mocha (Beige)

-      Silver

-      White

-      Red

-      Purple

-      Pink

-      Black And Gunmetal

-      Blue

-      Brown

-      Cream And Ivory

-      Gold

-      Green

-      Orange

We stock over 120 different lamp shades, and we are confident that you will be able to find the shade that you are looking for in our range.