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Making the most of Candles in the home


With the season of festivities fast approaching, we’re sure you’ll be busy stocking up on seasonal giftware and accessories. As your go-to homeware supplier, we’ve got you covered with the latest on-trend home accents and décor products including Christmas decorations, photo frames decorative dishes and so much more including candles and candleholders. 


Often overlooked and branded as just an ‘accessory’, the humble candle and candleholder are more than just an ‘add on’. More important than given credit for, we find ourselves using candles and candleholders for so many occasions – be that a simple dinner party or a special get together.


You can create a warm, inviting ambience or a glamorous focal point with our extensive range of candle holders – available in an assortment of colours, styles, materials and colours. 

Gone are the days of plain candle holders blending away in the background and remaining unseen. Say hello to glamour. Embellished in sparkling crystals and polished nickel, our range of Glitz candle holders will set your dinner party apart from anyone else’s. You can display them on a dining set for your customers to envision and admire or display them in your shop window to stop passers-by. 


If bling isn’t for you, fear not as we’ve got ceramic, nickel, and glass candle holders available too. Sculptured and textured candle holders double up as home accents for empty shelves and end tables. Functional and practical, who says you need an occasion to light up a candle?


Complement your home or shop with a great smelling candle. Our 100% organic wax candles are available in an assortment of scents that have a burn time of hours. These products come in different sizes and shapes to accompany the type of candleholder. If you aren’t a candle lighter but still enjoy the glow effect then a LED candle is the perfect choice for you. These feature a realistic LED flickering flame – you won’t even need to worry about putting the flame out. 


So, as you gather your family and friends over for that special occasion or just for a cosy night in, remember that the candle and candleholder aren’t just an ‘added accessory’. They bring glamour, sophistication, and functionality to the table too. 


And, if you’re discovering CIMC for the first time as a trade customer, why not sign up for a trade account with us? It’s quick and easy to do, allowing you to make great savings.   


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