Candles have become an increasingly popular consumer purchase in the last few years, recently reaching an all time high in terms of sales, with the sales of luxury candles increasing by 60% between 2011 and 2012 and continuing to increase since.

Consumers have been purchasing candles as a method of relaxation and decoration, as well as using scented candles to add a pleasant smell to their homes.

The increase in candle sales has also seen a rise in demand for candle decorations, with consumers purchasing stands and decorations to add more décor with their candles and accessories.

CIMC supplies businesses with a wide range of wholesale candles, scented candles and candleholders that are ideal for any home ware retail store, department stores and even hotels looking to add that extra level of luxury to their guest rooms.

We have a variety of styles of candles, which can come in the more conventional shapesfloral candles, or shaped candles for more decorative purposes. In addition, our candles stands can be mirrored, candlesticks, crystal and we even have a range of LED candles.

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