What to look for when buying Mirrored furniture

20 Feb 2020 14:03:29

Mirrored Furniture To Match Every Design

Creating spaces that we love to spend time in is the goal when it comes to revamping any internal area of our home.

Style, sophistication and subtlety are strong qualities for any space where you want to relax and unwind after a long day. These qualities enable a real feeling of luxury to permeate your home, bringing together various stylistic elements to create an overall vibe that befits your tastes and preferences.

At CIMC, we naturally look to keep an eye on the prevalent trends and styles that the interior design world is favouring. A trend we’ve seen grow and blossom is the liking of mirrored furniture. So this blog is a homage to the rise of mirrored furniture in many ways. We will also look at some of the styles, forms and types of mirrored furniture you can add to your store from CIMC, and wow your customers with.

So settle in and get comfy as we discuss what to look for when buying luxury mirrored furniture.

Why Does Mirrored Furniture Appeal?

Why might mirrored furniture appeal to our sense of style? It is likely due to our long-standing association of glass and mirror with the grand, the luxurious and the beautiful.

Think of where your favourite holiday was. A lot of people will think back to sunny beaches and times of great relaxation. What are some of the qualities of a sunny beach? Beautiful light and a shimmering sea would likely be two of them.

Think too of the most luxurious rooms you have ever seen. Be it in a palace of some kind, or a stately home, the chances are that there is a fair bit of glass and mirrored surface on show. And even if the room that springs to mind is in a holiday villa or somewhere similar, the presence of light is most likely the case.

These qualities naturally tap into our sense of pleasure. We can find ourselves associating light and glass with relaxation, with luxury, with feeling like ourselves and escaping the rest of the world somewhat.

When you can start allowing customers to experience those feelings in the comfort of their own home, you know you’re onto a real winner.

That’s what mirrored furniture can bring. Taking that positive association and bringing it into the home is something that many people will embrace.

Where Does Mirrored Furniture Work In The Home?

When considering a new route for your furniture, it’s easy to focus only on a specific room and make that your priority. So with a number of spaces in the home up for consideration potentially, one real bonus of mirrored furniture is its ability to work in a range of locations throughout the domestic space.

Our range of mirrored furniture at CIMC for example encompasses items such as beds and bedside tables, all the way through to dining tables and coffee tables.

So whether it’s a bedroom revamp your customers are looking to do, or a living room renewal, mirrored furniture can fit the bill with no problem.

Mirrored furniture can also apply to larger furniture items and smaller accessories for the home. Lamps, wall mirrors, jewellery boxes and more are all available to buy from CIMC - your go-to mirrored furniture stockists. Find the perfect ranges and products for your store in our collection and start to cater to your customer’s tastes and furniture desires with ease.

The Ranges of Mirrored Furniture at CIMC

With this in mind, as a retailer of furniture what options do you have available in order to make the most of the mirrored furniture trend?

CIMC has a vast selection of mirrored furniture available to stock up on, providing retailers with a strong choice of excellent options for your store.

Here we will go through some of our favourite mirrored furniture ranges, giving you the what’s what on what’s available at CIMC.

Apollo - Named after the Greek God of the Sun, our Apollo range is suitably light conducive and can bring some shimmering quality to dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms up and down the country. Inspired by antique patterns and with a champagne tinge, the Apollo range is a truly stylish, sophisticated range. Take a look at this video for more insight.

Gatsby - Characterised by distinctive shape and design schemes, the Gatsby range is a brilliant mirrored furniture range that offers a subtle sense of foreign shores. With coffee tables, sets of drawers and even king size bed frames in the Gatsby style, this range is packed full of superb items that are truly appealing to shoppers.

Infinity - A distinctive and slightly different range is the Infinity. Packed full of exciting accessories to add to your store’s offering, the Infinity range is an intriguing and slightly vintage set of furniture that can work in a host of spaces.

Marrakech - A notably exotic range, the wholesale furniture products within the Marrakech range are oozing with true style and beauty. With items for a variety of spots in the home, our Marrakech range combines the qualities of mirrored furniture.

Sahara - The Sahara is a similarly exotic collection of quality furniture, encompassing bedside cabinets, stools, dressing tables and console tables. Brilliant items for any stylish bedroom, this collection is a strong option for your store thanks to its eye-catching panache.

These are just some of the selected wholesale mirrored furniture ranges we have available at CIMC. There are plenty more to choose from, including value ranges such as the Omnia and Vista.

What to expect with CIMC wholesale furniture

When you stock up on wholesale furniture from CIMC, you are getting reliable, high-quality items that are wonderful additions to any home.

We also make it easy for you to get hold of the items you buy. We offer free delivery on orders over £500 on the UK mainland, and you can take a look at our full set of shipping information here.

CIMC also offers a dropshipping option for customers. This means we can fulfil delivery direct to customers. This is a great option for eCommerce stores or small stores with limited space and storage options.

What to expect with CIMC wholesale furniture

CIMC is a leading furniture wholesaler in the UK, with an incredible assortment of items in a host of styles and varieties.

Whether you are looking for bedroom, living room, bar or dining room furniture for your store, CIMC is in a great position to meet your requirements.

We also offer brilliant lighting and home accessories ranges, so familiarise yourself with the range of items we have at CIMC, get yourself an account, and bring great items to your store today.

And if you have any questions, simply contact the CIMC team.


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