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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2018 
that Retailers Should Know About


   As we settle into the New Year, retailers and interior designers are busy seeking out the top interior design trends for 2018. If you’re one of them, you’ve arrived in the right place. At CIMC we’ve done our homework and have put together 5 of the top trends for 2018 for all our wonderful customers to enjoy. Read on to find out what this year has in store for you.


1. Embellishments


Gems, beads, sequins and more – name it and you’ll see it on rugs, wall art, cushions and accessories. This trend adds a glamorous handmade quality to each room. With intricate patterns and designs they will make a plain space or display pop with style


2. Geometrics


Just as we saw in 2017, the geometric trend is here to stay for a while, taking shape in all forms of furniture and accessories. CIMC’s Ritz collection is the perfect addition to any décor, featuring crisp lines and angles. Choose from a range of cabinets, mirrors and jewellery boxes to add a bold statement.


3. Glittery Golds


With a sense of decadence, this year we see the colour gold in every aspect of interior design, from gold detailing on lamp bases to vases and wall art. Both elegant and daring, check out our white and gold collection which is brimming with ideas for a striking or subtle look.


4. Artisan Textures


Natural woods, woven wicker and textures are all the big thing this season! Raw details and edging mixed with wicker or rattan creates a lovely layered effect. Rustic with a handmade feel, our natural piper range is simple yet practical, providing a touch of instant on-trend styling at little expense.


5. Metallic Accents


This year the choice of metallic finish is brass. As we see less of the rose golds and coppers, brass is the most sophisticated and organic metal colour. Adding a luxurious finish to any room, lamps and accessories can help to inject this trend into a room without investing in larger furniture pieces


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