Lighting is perhaps the most effective and simple way to set that inviting ambience in a room or space. Browse our range of wholesale table lamps below.

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Stylish yet functional, the new 2021 collection of wholesale table lamps at CIMC Home is a must-have for any retailer, interior designer and hotelier. Great lighting can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room by at least 40%. If you do not have a section dedicated to lighting accessories at your store, do it now - it is one of the most coveted aspects of home décor. Any interior decoration is incomplete without the element of light. Register for a trade account to take advantage of our low wholesale prices.

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CIMC Home has been trading for the past 30 years. Our quality services, and reasonable wholesale rates on wholesale table lamps have made us a go-to choice for many retailers. When you choose us, you are guaranteed to get fast dispatch and free delivery for orders above £500. Do you want a sneak peek into our inventory?
We offer the following types of table lamps –

• Tripod lamps
• Metal lamps
• Glitz lamps
• Mirror lamps
• Glass lamps
• Crystal lamps
• Mosaic lamps
• Ceramic lamps
• Value lamps

At CIMC we pride ourselves on being one of the leading supplier wholesale table lamps. With a huge collection and variation on the styles, we are all set to enhance your collection at your homeware outlet, hotel or interior design business. Browse through our entire wholesale selection now to grab the perfect pieces. We are a trusted online wholesaler trading with several retailers. With a promise of reliability, we assure to ship nothing but the best products for your business.

Wholesale Table Lamps Best Features

As a leading wholesale table lamps trade dealer, we have stacked up a wide range of options. Are you a retailer, interior designer or furniture store owner looking to expand the product inventory range? CIMC Home can assist you with top-shelf products. Our inventory houses superb wholesale table lamps designed to cater to all decor tastes and budget size.
Here are the top 5 best features of our products:
  • Affordable wholesale table lamps: Different buyers come with different budgets. No matter what your pocket size is, our whole sale rates are designed to satisfy all budgets.
  • Ample choices on wholesale table lamps: At CIMC Home, you will get ample choices of wholesale table lamps. Once you stack up from our inventory, you will be able to cater to different market choices
  • Style of wholesale table lamps: Every product in our wholesale table lamp collection is unique. We house table lamps that are minimalistic, trendy and chic. Not only this, but, our fashionable collection also houses traditional design as well.
  • Durability of wholesale table lamps: Rest assured that whichever style you choose, our table lamps will stand the test of time to last for years. Yes, we give extra attention in making our table lamps durable.
  • Quality of wholesale table lamps: CIMC Home has become the leading wholesaler for a reason - the reason being quality products. The quality of our wholesale table lamps is premium and will not disappoint your buyers.

Affordable Wholesale Table Lamps

Our wholesale table lamps are a brilliant way to brighten up your retail collection. Assure your buyers that whatever piece they choose, it will light up any dull corner, especially when space is limited. With so many styles and designs to choose from, you will truly be spoilt for choice, select from tripod, glitz, and glass designs, and bring a warm ambience in any room.

Wholesale Table Lamps From CIMC Home

You can pick up many great wholesale table lamps from CIMC, including floor lamps, ceiling lights and shades. To start adding our products to your store, hotel or restaurant, register for a CIMC account today, your favourite wholesale table lamps supplier.. Also visit the site to check wholesale artificial flowers, gift wholesalers, living room furniture supplier, wholesale home decor UK collection.

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