Small Bedrooms Need Love Too

Small Bedrooms Need Love Too



As a furniture wholesaler in the UK, we know that when decorating a home or carrying out refurbishment projects, it’s easy to put focus on those bigger rooms and exciting spaces.

The danger of this approach is that you overlook some of the smaller rooms in the home.

When it comes to home improvement, it’s unfortunately not a case of taking care of the big things so that the small things look after themselves.

Every interior space in the home should be given due care and attention, and this applies to your home’s smaller bedrooms too.

Given what we know about designing beautiful bedrooms of all sizes and that we have over 30 years trading as a wholesale furniture and lighting supplier, the CIMC team wanted to share some of our insight and tips for creating a truly marvellous and relaxing space.

Read on to find out how best to approach making a small bedroom space a brilliant part of your home.

Space is of the essence


The challenge with rooms of any size is using the available space in the most efficient and effective way possible.

How to do this? By carefully bringing together purpose and style. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between the room’s purpose and the style you are looking to achieve.

So, with a bedroom, there may be limited space but that doesn’t mean the room needs to feel pokey or boxy. And it won’t if you get the mix of necessity and style spot on.

With a small bedroom for example, people should look to calculate where the bed will sit and the dimensions of this pretty accurately. This allows for a better understanding of where you might be able to place items like bedside tables, decorative accessories and touches of daring flare.

Once these kinds of spatial parameters are worked out, it’s easier to put together a basic layout for the room.

This is of course more the domain of the end customer, as they are ultimately responsible for getting that understanding of their own space and working out the best approach. But that doesn’t mean that as a retailer you can afford to overlook it.

Even in display rooms or just when putting together your stock, you need to be considerate of the limitations of space and how different elements of a room can work together in unison. Consider setting up some small room spaces in your showroom to give customers the idea of how they can design their bedroom.


Coherent colour schemes


Colour is a vital part of any interior home design project. When the colours in a room work beautifully together, the whole effect comes together in the same way.

As a retailer of items for small bedrooms, it’s therefore a good idea to keep colour schemes in mind. You want to stock items that can be used easily with other elements in a room and will not stand out like a sore thumb. We stock a range of wholesale cushions, wholesale lighting and have a range of wholesale home décor available to bring out the best colour schemes.

There are two types of items that will really shape a colour scheme - the items with the dominant colour and the neutral coloured items to complement these.

As a retailer then, you should ideally look to balance these two factors in order to provide customers with ample opportunities to mix and match in line with their preferred colour scheme.


Keeping style throughout


While we have discussed some of the requirements for a small bedroom from a floorplan perspective, there are of course many more elements at play. Plenty of these are accessories, and a room’s accessories and the various bits and bobs that make up its overall composition are very important.

For example, a small bedroom can benefit from items such as mirrors. There are obviously great practical uses for a mirror, helping people get ready for the big day ahead. But they also help to spread light around a room, provide a point of interest, and give that extra bit of character to a room’s composition.

Speaking of light, these are an important and interesting way to bring together a room’s aesthetic. Table and floor lamps, as well as ceiling lights, are important components for any room. Our wholesale lighting products are perfect for all types of bedrooms and best of all, there are great margins available.

And if there is space, items such as dressing tables can also help to bring that added touch of class to a small bedroom. Add a stool or bench to the mix and the practical and the stylish can really help to bring things together in a wonderful way.

At CIMC, we offer wholesale bedroom furniture sets, as well as wholesale bed lamps and accessories. So don’t miss out on the chance to wow your customers.


Appealing to your customers

As retailers of furniture, being able to accentuate the various roles each of these components can play in putting together a brilliant bedroom space, while keeping to certain spatial restrictions, can help boost your sales.

We advise accentuating the flexibility these combinations of furniture can provide, and doing what you can as a retailer to suggest certain combinations.

And once your customers have all the basics sorted for their small bedroom project, they can really go to town on some accessories to add those finishing touches to the overall look.

We offer wholesale home accessories, including vases, photo frames and candle holders. There are also a variety of clocks available to buy, as well as wall art and mirrors.

And take a look at our textiles range, as well as our flowers and vases collection, for more inspiration.


Open an account with CIMC

As a retailer of furniture, you need a supplier that can meet your needs easily and effectively. CIMC is a proven bedroom furniture wholesaler with lots of industry experience and a host of happy customers.

To start adding items from our range to your retail offering, simply register for an account with CIMC today.

Be sure to take a look at our shipping information, and we also offer dropshipping options too. You can also arrange to visit our showroom in Leicester.

And make sure you contact our team if you have any questions.


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