A Guide to Having A Home Bar

Home Bar with Bar Stools and Drinks Trolleys

Having a home bar is the ultimate goal for many homeowners. Going bar hopping with friends can be great fun up until a certain age, when staying at home and entertaining guests in your very own home bar, becomes the more appealing option. A home bar can be the ultimate hanging out spot, providing the ideal scene for entertaining friends or unwinding after a long day.

Making drinks at home and calling over friends and family for a night in can be great fun, and a lot cheaper than going out! Especially in the colder months, your guests will appreciate the home bar much more and insist on regular get-togethers.

Home bars have become an ever-increasing option for many people. Some new homes come with dedicated spaces for home bars. Whether you are redecorating the whole house, or just want to redo a part of the house to fit in your home bar, at CIMC we have the essentials you’ll need to make this happen. 

Where should my home bar go?

Deciding on where to have the home bar, if you have not already, is the first thing you must consider. This is an important decision to make, as you need to ensure you have sufficient space bearing in mind the number of guests you are likely to have on regular nights in.

Our advice is to ensure wherever your home bar will be, that space is the dedicated home bar space, and not a temporary/general storage area. It is best not to have your home bar furniture mix with other equipment. Having a dedicated space will allow you and your guests to enjoy the experience much more.

This dedicated bar space can very well be in the kitchen. Depending on the style and size of your kitchen, you may have a little section of your kitchen you could turn into a home bar. Other locations could be in your dining room, living room, your basement or even in the garden. Keep in mind, wherever you choose, you’ll need to ensure there is electricity and water access set up and available.

What will I need?

Apart from the liquor, you will need to ensure you have the all essential equipment to create your home bar. At CIMC home we have a dedicated range of home bar furniture, which means, whatever style and look you are going for, you are bound to find all the necessary items you need with CIMC Home.


Firstly, you’ll need a shelving unit to showcase all the drinks options to the guests. At CIMC you will find a selection of classy shelving units that would be ideal for any home bar design. Our Logan Showcase Display unit is one that is sure to catch the eye. This chrome clear black glass showcase display unit features 2 clear shelves and 1 black glass shelf and has a highly polished rectangular chrome frame.

If you want to go for something more unique, our Logan Ladder Display unit is a must-see. Display all the drinks on offer in style with this ladder-shaped display unit.

For a more contemporary option, look no further than our Logan Chrome Clear & Black Glass display unit. A classy way to showcase your menu, this display unit is the perfect centre piece to build your home bar around for a modern look.


Having a bar cart or drink trolley, is also ideal for those who don’t have space for a dedicated home bar. In that case, this can be used to transport the drinks and glasses to the chosen relaxing area. Trying with the contemporary home bar theme, our Harry Mirror drinks trolley is a perfect fit. Simple and stylish, this trolley is a great way to keep drinks and glasses handy when entertaining. Featuring a circular design in chrome, this is ideal to match with the Logan chrome clear & black glass display unit mentioned earlier.

For a more space-conscious option, be sure to view our Cohen clear drinks trolley. Small but spacious at the same time, this trolley is easy to manoeuvre and handle.


For all home bars with a countertop, bar stools are a necessity. Bar stools are great for everyone to sit at the bar and socialise and enjoy their drinks. CIMC home has a wide selection of bar stools for you to choose from.

For the more luxurious option, our Orb Grey bar stool, also available in champagne features a chrome-finished stainless steel frame and a deeply padded leather seat. You guests with love the extra comfort provided by this seat.


Our value option for bar stools includes the Atom Velvet bar stool. This is available in 3 colours and features a padded velvet seat.  A straightforward solution for any home bar.


To complete your home bar, you will, of course, need a set of fashionable glasses to serve up the drinks in style and impress the guests. At CIMC Home, we have a whole range of glasses for you to select from. Whether it is for wine, champagne or a Martini, we stock the ideal set of glasses that you will need.

Our range of home bar accessories also features the Milano Cocktail shaker. Key to making the perfect cocktail, this cocktail shaker features a clear glass body with a silver hammered base. To keep the beverages cool, we also stock wine cooler bowls.

For the complete solution, you may also be interested in our White Manhattan Mirror Wine Bar. This stunning piece of furniture has plenty of space to store your drinks and glassware, all in one place.

What next?

Now that you have chosen your location for your home bar, and selected your favourite home bar furniture, it’s time to contact CIMC Home to find your local stockist where you can shop from our range, and stock up on the drinks!

One of the many benefits of shopping with CIMC Home is, if you really love a certain set or piece of furniture, you can shop for other matching pieces of furniture from our huge range to complete your whole room, all in one place.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this blog or about anything else, be sure to contact us today and we will be happy to help.



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