Interior Decoration trends 2020

Each new year offers an exciting opportunity to make positive changes to our life and take things forward in the best way possible.

When it comes to the interior decorations and styles that we choose to adopt, new inspirations and areas of interest are continuously coming to the fore.

With a new year and a new decade now underway, in our latest blog we’ve looked to pick out some of the most interesting and exciting interior decoration trends we think will play a big role in interior style this year.

So whether you’re considering a home improvement project of your own in 2020, are an interior designer yourself, or are simply an interior decoration fan looking for some eye candy, as leading home furniture wholesalers we’re in a good position to discuss this topic. So the CIMC team has picked out some of the key trends we see being important this year.

Sustainability Decoration


We’re living in an age where our world, and the longevity of it, is continuously in the spotlight. Climate change, environmental issues and a growing sense of concern about what the future holds for our planet is in all our minds.

There are so many issues around these topics that it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many factors at play to consider. But when it comes to home decoration and sustainability, there are things that can be done.

Choosing sustainable fabrics and materials is a great way to contribute to the wider sustainability effort and make a real difference.

We expect the use of sustainable materials to be a key trend in interior design and decoration in 2020. It’s an important thing to be mindful of.

Nice and Navy

Those in the know about colour selections are picking Navy as the go-to for 2020. Powerful and evocative, Navy is a colour that is somehow both quite neutral and eye-catching in equal measure.

The beauty of Navy colours is that they go really well with lighter whites and pale shades. Their bold but not intimidating, and combine comfort with cool.

So for example, a navy cushion on the sofa of a living room is a deep shade that can fit seamlessly in with the rest of a room’s look and take interiors to new levels.

Sociable Spaces

Being sociable is a great thing! People are great, and sharing your time with those close to you is a wonderful way to build or enjoy existing connections. Don’t underestimate the importance of social connections to your all round wellbeing!

From a home decoration perspective, creating sociable spaces that encourage interaction and togetherness is a trend we see fully kicking off in 2020. These are particularly useful in small spaces of the home that might be tricky to use for other means.

Decoration-wise, you can add exciting clocks, wall art and mirrors as conversation starters to encourage that social aspect.

And take a look at our Bar Furniture range. These are exceptional sociable spaces that can be the life and soul of a party and expect to see more of them in 2020.


Maximalism is the use of vast amounts of detail in an interior space, with loud patterns almost bordering on excessive visual stimuli the order of the day.

This is a trend that is predicted to take off in 2020, with a focus on more rather than less anticipated in the world of interior decoration.

This is great news for furniture retailers, as people seek to kit their homes and rooms with more and more items.

Great ways to enable that maximalist look is with home accessories, wall art and mirrors, and items like ceiling lights which can accentuate all the details of the room.


Our bathrooms are important parts of our home that we want to keep looking at their best.

We’re seeing freestanding bathtubs increase in popularity, as well as floral wallpaper trends.

We’ve also noticed the sustainability trend edging into the bathroom space, with natural materials being used as shelving, decoration, and practical uses.

This way of natural home decoration is something we think will be very popular in 2020.

Add to your store for 2020

We hope you’ve enjoyed our predicted big trends for 2020 in the world of interior decoration

CIMC is a leading interior design wholesaler that can help your store kit itself out with high-quality items to cater to a diverse mix of customers.

If you’re looking to put together the kind of interior decoration range and furniture design options that will boost sales at your store, you can register for an account with CIMC Home today. Take advantage of our offering as top-level home decor suppliers and trust CIMC to get your range where it needs to be.


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