Recent European eco legislation (Energy Labelling Directive) has now been expanded to include LUMINAIRES as energy related products (ERP).

This requires that consumers be provided by retailers at the point of sale with information on the compatibility of luminaires with energy efficient light bulbs. It is CIMC's responsibility to provide these labels to the retailer.

For current orders, we provide this page to our customers to download & print the ERP labels that they require. A link to this page will also be printed on every invoice for their convenience.

For new items, CIMC will provide a professionally printed colour hangtag, as a service to our customers

Download and print the ERP Label.

Choose the CIMC model number of the Lighting model you require a label for and then press the "Download/View" button to download the label to your computer. Once the document is on your computer you can print it out and display in your store.

For example if you need a label for the CIMC Model
BT534-M0-SLK-BL then select "BT534" from the drop down list below
Select Lighting Model
Example ERP Label 
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