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Can you judge a person by their bookshelf?

Well you can, in more ways than one. Look beyond the titles to uncover a unique story about the owner through their choice of book shelf.

Did you know that while Bill Gates has a schedule that is tightly planned right up to the minute, yet the entrepreneur-humanitarian billionaire still finds the time to devour at least a book a week?

Any well-rounded person boasts a diverse bookshelf; brimming with highbrow reading materials, all the latest best-selling novels plus interesting autobiographies, not to mention a healthy smattering of fiction and non-fiction novels. A wide reading list broadens your horizons and enables you to discuss almost any topic with anyone.

In this sense sharing your book shelf with another person is sharing yourself. You can learn much about a  person from surveying the contents of their book shelf.

From Tolstoy to JK Rowling,, Austin to Pratchett, everyone has a favourite author. Books can transport us from our daily lives to exciting places like Narnia, Never-Neverland and Hogwarts from the comfort of our living rooms. Yet once the pages close; why not thank your faithful friends for the experience by rewarding them with a good home. In the way that tomes can mentally transport you to another time; place; land or realm; the physical space they occupy is often quite limited. However there is a complete range of handsome housing for your beloved books at CIMC.

Bookshelves are also a creative way to display your books, treasures and keepsakes. It is not just the books inside but book cases themselves can have a personality of their own as they harbour the instruments that shape a person’s hopes, dreams, fears, experiences and identity. The wood and style of the book case itself that reveal the personality of the owner and bearing this in mind, if you were to take a snap shot of your book shelf including all of its contents, what would your “shelfie” say about you?

As the kindle generation shuns the printed page; there is still a place in the nation’s heart for books and this means you will need a well-made bookshelf to house them all within.

Whether you like to display your books in alphabetical order or you prefer to pile your tomes high or propped up with book ends; CIMC has a handsome home for each unique collection.

Perhaps you have a wide collection; with a plethora of fiction, novels and biographies all worthy of the Sunday Times Best Seller List - you’ll need a wide bookshelf to display them in. You may have an anthology of autobiographies and educational titles and need an authentic vintage case to house them. Whatever your book shelving preferences, you should choose CIMC who has a wide range of options.

CIMC's beautifully-crafted bookcases make great places to store for everything you like to surround yourself with. Maybe you want to mix up your contemporary collection with classics and throw in a few mementoes and photographs. CIMC stocks a variety of book shelves, each perfectly suited for your unique collection.

All CIM’s bookshelves are designed with space in mind; to occupy even the smallest of spaces; furnishing the smallest studio flat to the tallest town house. Choose from our elegant ivory bookshelves to display your fine collection. Perhaps you would like to showcase your classics in a wall-mountable French book case for your cute cottage; or maybe select a traditionally wide wooden book case for your diverse assortment.

CIMC Home offers a fully comprehensive range of wholesale furniture, with a great variety of different styles and colours for you to select from to suit your wholesale furniture needs.

Our range also includes Wardrobes, Seating, Bedroom sets; Bed Frames, Dressing Tables, Drawers, Coffee Tables, Wine Racks and much more  all in different styles and colours, including wooden furniture and mirror furniture.

To see CIMC Home’s full range of wholesale furniture, visit the furniture category page. You can also register for an account to gain full access to our stock at

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  1. Ivory Wooden Large Bookshelf

    Ivory Wooden Large Bookshelf

    French Ivory Wooden Open bookshelf with embossed scrolls
  2. Ivory Wooden Shelving Unit with four drawers

    Ivory Wooden Shelving Unit with four drawers

    French Ivory Wooden Open Shelving Unit with embossed scrolls and four drawers
  3. Mirror Wine Storage Chest with Champagne Trim and NEW Crystal Handles

    Mirror Wine Storage Chest with Champagne Trim and ...

    Mirror Wine Storage Unit with Champagne Trim with one drawer, shelves for bottles and hanging space for glasses. Now with brand NEW crystal handles!

  4. Ivory Wooden Bookshelf

    Ivory Wooden Bookshelf

    French Ivory Wooden Open bookshelf with embossed scrolls
  5. White Wooden Bookshelf

    White Wooden Bookshelf

    Large Wooden Open bookshelf in a pure white finish which give a contemporary feel to the traditional styling of this piece. The crystal acrylic handles add a touch of sophistication to this beautiful piece of furniture which would fit with any room design.
  6. Black Faux Stingray Leather Bookcase

    Black Faux Stingray Leather Bookcase

    Stylish Black Faux Stingray Bookcase with alternating Storage Doors with Crystal Handles
  7. Pewter Faux Snakeskin Leather Bookcase

    Pewter Faux Snakeskin Leather Bookcase

    Stylish Pewter Grey Faux Snakeskin Bookcase with alternating Storage Doors with Crystal Handles
  8. Grey Brooklyn Trunk Style Bookcase

    Grey Brooklyn Trunk Style Bookcase

    Brooklyn Trunk Style Bookcase in matte Grey.

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