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Once a room has been decorated and furnished, it is time to add the finishing touches. To further decorate a room, accessories are required to create the desired look.

To personalise a room, it is very common for people to use flowers, which can be changed frequently and can change the whole look to a room. Here at CIMC Home, we have a great range of wholesale floral vases, which make for great additions to any furniture or department store, hotels, catering businesses, salons, offices and other trade businesses that use flowers to decorate their interiors.

If you own a furniture store or a department store, floral vases make for great accessories to add value to your shop. Shoppers will often buy accessories to match the furniture they are buying. In particular, new homeowners are likely to purchase accessories to decorate their home, and floral vases are a popular choice due to their multiple functions.

If you are in the catering industry or hotel industry, our floral vases make for excellent decorations in rooms and on tables and allow you to offer the extra service of placing flowers in your guest’s rooms. The same goes for spas, salons and other businesses where your customers will appreciate flowers as part of the service.

Our selection of floral vases come in a wide variety of shapes and styles which can all be viewed below.

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