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Take control of your House Interior Design style this year


We’re all leading what seem like increasingly busy lives. That’s part of parcel of living in 2020. It can feel difficult to sit back and relax sometimes, as we always have something to distract us and stimulate our minds.

So in this increasingly mad and busy world, creating spaces that are comfortable, cosy and your own is important. They are our place of refuge, and the places where we can be ourselves and fully unwind.

An important element of creating this zone of comfort lies in their design. If your home is kitted out in such a way that it doesn’t feel like ‘yours’, that can leave you feeling a bit out of sorts.

This accentuates the importance of strong house interior design. Something that reflects you, your tastes, your inspirations, and the things you find comforting can enable the creation of your ideal house interior design.

But which approach should you take? Which style is the right one for you? The latest CIMC blog takes a look at some of the big approaches to house interior design in 2020 and hopes to offer some home design inspiration.


That Retro Look

It’s amazing what can come and go in terms of trends and style choices. What at one time felt cutting edge can quickly fall away from the mainstream and be replaced by another popular trend. But then give it some time, and trends often come back with a vengeance.

This is the dynamic at the very heart of retro style. The shapes, colours and styles of times gone by can suddenly come back into vogue and give our interior design choices a new avenue to go down.

We’re predicting plenty of bold colours and shapes, akin to the styles that came to the fore in the 60s and 70s. They were great then and can be great again in 2020.

Elements such as strong  wall art and deep coloured accessories like  storage stools are good additions to any vintage home design.


Genteel Minimalism

They say that less is more. In the case of home design, taking a minimalist approach is the best way to embrace the subtle nuances of this style.

Minimalism is all about space and subtlety. It’s going back to basics, but in a way that enables simple comfort and easy relaxation.

Minimalist interior design is all about doing more with less. It’s a case of delivering the required with no hassle and fuss. A minimalist  coffee table will do its job with no bells or whistles. It’s efficient. It’s effective. And it’s effortless.

Minimalism has been a strong trend for a while, and we see this continuing into 2020 in a big way.


Countryside Retreat

Another predicted trend is the countryside retreat style. Bringing the outdoors indoors is something that’s been a common phrase in interior design and home style for a while. And there’s an element of this with countryside retreat style, but it’s a bit more gentle.

It’s all about creating a feel of that world of escapism, where you’re out in the wild yet safe in the comfort of your four walls. There’s something deeply important in surrounding ourselves with the hallmarks of nature and the natural world. It taps into our very humanity.

So with this in mind, we see many people adopting the countryside retreat approach in 2020 as a house interior design project.

Wood is a big material in this, and  wooden console tablescoffee tables and  wall mirrors can all be embedded into a country retreat style room with ease.


Overt Maximalism

Minimalism is a popular style, but it’s polar opposite looks set to have a big influence in 2020.

Maximalism is all about loudness, energy and visual stimuli. It’s doing more with more. Everything is taken that step further.

Maximalism is a far cry from what you’ll see in a lot of interior design magazines. The prevalent trend has veered towards minimalist approaches in recent years, but as with all trends, the opposite can quickly come into style.

Maximalism in the home is all about excess and detail, and  home accessories are an important element of creating this look. Add to this rich colour schemes, intense patterns and bold statements, and maximalism can be the style of choice in 2020 with ease.


Curved Shapes

Another trend we see is the use of subtle, gentle curved shapes in the home. Interior design is often about finding the balance between hard and soft, curved and straight, and bold and gentle. And in 2020, curved and gentle shapes are a possible big trend of the year.

Such shapes can be seen in  living room furniturebedroom furniture and even  bar furniture. They enable smooth transitions between spaces and help turn your home into an easy and restful place too.

Curved shapes promote relaxation and are popular throughout domestic furniture, so if you want to do more with your interior spaces this year, consider this way forward.


House Interior Design the right way in 2020

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We hope you’ve found this a useful article containing some home design inspiration and things to consider.

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