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In order to offer our customers the latest, most popular products, we strive to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions in our industry. In this blog, we are looking at the latest lighting trends that we are expecting to see throughout the rest of the year and beyond, keeping both our customers and ourselves up-to-date with what’s hot, and what will sell.


1.    Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting comes in both classic and contemporary styles, and are a very important style of ceiling lighting to bear in mind throughout 2015. Hanging from the ceiling, often over tables or work surfaces, pendant lighting is excellent for higher ceilings, while still bringing the light lower down in the room to light up the space.

Here at CIMC, we have a variety of styles, both electrical and non-electrical for you to stock in your store, giving your customers the broadest range of lighting choice possible. You can see our range here.


2.    Chandeliers

Hanging Ceiling lights are clearly very popular throughout 2015, with Chandeliers proving to be a popular choice among interior designers and lighting shoppers alike. 

Like Pendant lights, chandeliers hang from the celling, but are designed to light up larger spaces, like lobby’s, hallways and other larger rooms. While people often use multiple pendant lights to light a space, one chandelier is usually all it takes to light a room.

Our range of chandeliers come in a variety of styles, and they are available to see here.


3.    LED Lighting

LED Lighting is becoming more accessible and more popular. Due to the fact that LED Lighting is far less expensive to run, people are beginning to have more light fittings in their home for decorative purposes, as it doesn’t up the cost of their electricity bill. Therefore…


4.    Lamps

With the growing availability of LED Lighting, consumers are able to decorate their home with a larger amount of lighting options without the fear of an extortionate energy bill. As a result, home and business owners alike are purchasing more lamps and fitting them with environmentally friendly LED Bulbs, decorating their homes and businesses with stylish lamps. 

We are no strangers to stylish lamps, with a huge range of different styles of lamps available from our store, including pebble lamps, regency lamps, Venus and Athena lamps, and many more that you can view in our lighting category. 


5.    Warm Metals

Warm Metal light fittings, coloured with copper or gold for example, are becoming more popular for light fittings such as pendant lights and lamps. This gives a more rustic feel to a room, and matches dark wooden furniture and colours such as dark blue, that are also a popular interior design choice. 

Whether you are a retail storeowner or another business owner such as a hotel or office building manager, use these trends as a guideline to stay up to date with the latest, most popular products. To see our full range of products, please feel free to browse our website at www.cimchome.com

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