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Sunday 19th August marks world photography day and as it fast approaches you too can stock up in a range of wholesale photo frames for your customers to share and display their pictures in style and accentuate their most precious memories.


Recognising the need for photo frames for different occasions, here at CIMC, the variety of wholesale picture frames is endless, with styles that include classic, contemporary, novelty, embellished and even aperture frames for when you have so many favourite memories that you can’t decide which one to display.


Memorable Moments


Weddings bear one of the most memorable moments in our lives so what’s more special than highlighting this event in a beautiful photo frame that commemorates the day. Our stunning selection of traditional frames will certainly do your customer’s memories justice. Styles include baroque stone and pearl designs, ornate nickel and mosaic and classic floral in antique gold.






Birthdays and festivities such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid and Hanukkah are times that we love to celebrate but can also be busy times for you with shoppers looking for the perfect present for their loved ones. Glitzy and embellished frames are ideal gifts, not only do they look glamorous but also are practical for treasuring moments.


Collages and Stories


As every picture tells a story, an aperture frame will help your customers create a story of their captured moments. Multiple photos can be displayed in a range of frame designs including the Milano collection which features strips of inlaid tiny mirrored and clear crystals into a glass frame. With so many more designs to offer, be sure to browse through our full range of photo frames.



You can find so many more ideas that your customers will love on our website so don’t forget to browse through our full range of wholesale furniture, lighting and giftware. If you are new to CIMC you can register for an account here, it quick and easy – once approved you will be able to start shopping and make fantastic savings across a whole range of amazing products







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